Starting his musical journey at the age of seven, Johnny spent his childhood in the family band and then went touring with a number of successful Canadian artists from 1978 to 2001.

During this time with Curtis Grambo, The Poverty Plainsmen, Charlie Major, Michelle Wright, Julian Austin, Jake Matthews and Ray Griff (to name a few) Johnny gained an admirable reputation as a “Top Notch” and "Versatile” musician.

In 2000, friend and mentor Kevin Churko offered Johnny an opportunity to expand his talents as a Recording Engineer and further his knowledge of musical production. Seeing this as an opportunity to keep two feet on the ground and develop others' dreams, Johnny has been at the helm of ensuring new artists put their best foot forward in the industry. 

Johnny’s love of music is very diversified as are the artists he has had the opportunity of working with. Ranging in genre from Country to Hip-Hop, and Polka to Rock and Roll, his passion lies with achieving the expectations & vision of each artist, never compromising integrity. Every project is produced with the highest quality and is given the same amount of attention whether it's just one song or a whole album. 

Johnny continues to play as a freelance live musician, vocalist and instrumentalist in both the country and rock scene. You can often find him playing at local venues in Calgary with numerous performers including his regular appearance with the Robert Gosse Band.

Johnny’s passion for music & the art of recording is equal only to the dedication he gives each artist he works with….. It’s Legendary!

Partial Production and Engineering Credits Include:

Alee, Alex Runions, Amy Bishop, Blake Reid, Bobby Wills, Brad Saunders, Brad Sims, Brian Sklar, Clayton Bellamy, Craig Moritz, Curtis Grambo, Daring Greatly, Drew Gregory, Duane Steele, Dylan Gillett, FOXX Worthee, Freedom's Note, George Canyon, Gord Bamford, Greg Godovitz (Goddo), Hazzerd, Hey Romeo, Into Eternity, Jaron Rovinsky, Jason McCoy, Jay Semko (The Northern Pikes), Jo Hikk, Joni DeLaurier, Julian Austin, Lauren Mayell, Lindsay Ell, Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Lizzy Hoyt, Matt Blais, Mikaila Cooper, Open Air, Paul Dean (Loverboy), Second Rate Brain, Shae Dupuy, Shane Chisholm, Shannon Smith, Snoop Dog, The Dudes, Teagan Littlechief, The Road Hammers, Tim Hicks, Touchdown, Troy Kokol...

...and many more indie artists