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JOHNNY GASPARIC (aka "Johnny 6-Pak") has over forty years' experience in the music business. Twenty of those years have been dedicated to providing quality recordings while working in-studio with a wide variety of talented musicians, singers and songwriters.

Using a full range of studio equipment and the most extensive version of Pro-Tools available today, JOHNNY has the skill, knowledge and vision needed to transform an artists' dream into reality. As a master in this field, his involvement can range from working on an entire song start to finish or completing one part of a project that's already in motion.    

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DSC_2693 Gasparic Recording

JOHNNY has won multiple awards for engineering and studio work and is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist / vocalist / songwriter who is dedicated to World Class Recording at the highest level. In addition to providing overall guidance, support and industry knowledge to an album, he can contribute on the other side of the microphone by adding vocals or playing the guitar, acoustic, bass, mandolin, dobro, or banjo. Keyboards (B3 Hammond, synths, piano) and drums or strings (both programmed) are also in his repertoire. 

Well respected in the Canadian Music Scene, JOHNNY is passionate about all things music and is inspired by artists who share his vision. He wants to see everyone he records succeed in their goal to "make it" and invests countless hours to ensure that every song completed is done so at the highest possible quality.


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